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You Can Register Online In India For a Carpet Export Promotion Council Certificate (CEPC)

Join forces with the Carpet Export Promotion Council (CEPC), which is India's most important group for getting business and investment from other countries. Get CEPC online registration today to grow your carpet export business around the world. With CEPC Online Registration, you can find out about new opportunities and quickly fill out an application for them. If you want to know anything about CEPC-RCMC registration

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India also sends jute and hand woven carpets and rugs to other countries. The country is the biggest exporter of carpets in the world, sending 85–90% of what it makes to other countries. India makes about 40% of the handmade carpets that are sold all over the world.

The majority of India's carpet exports are handmade types like woolen, rugs, druggets, durries, cotton carpets, etc. India's exports of these hand-knotted carpets went up to US$ 1.51 billion in 2020-21. So, the Carpet Export Industry is huge and full of opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs. Through Carpet Export Promotion Council CEPC Online Registration, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and exporters can all take advantage of this chance.

What is the Council for the Promotion of Exports of Carpets (CEPC)?

In 1982, India's Ministry of Textiles set up CEPC as a non-profit group to promote the export of Indian carpets, rugs, floor coverings, and other related products. Since then, it has been the trade group for the carpet industry in India. Its main office is in the middle of Delhi; its registered offices are in Noida, UP; and its regional offices are in Bhadohi, UP, and Srinagar (J&K). CEPC members include thousands of businesses from all over the country. One of the most interesting things about CEPC is how many hand-made carpet products it has.

 1. In the eyes of the government, CEPC is a strong supporter of exporters because it wants its member exporters to do well.

 2. The CEPC sends trade delegates to all of the world's big and growing countries and promotes Indian products at global shows and fairs.

 3. An international importer can use CEPC to help find suppliers, and an Indian exporter can use CEPC to help sell their goods.

What is CEPC Online Registration or the RCMC Carpet Export Promotion Council?

If you want to sell handmade carpets, knotted carpets, rugs, and other floor coverings overseas, you can join the Carpet Export Promotion Council.

Use the official application form to apply for membership. The membership application can be filled out online. When an exporter joins CEPC, they'll get a Registration and Membership Certificate (RCMC). Membership in the RCMC lasts for five years and must be renewed every year.

​What do you have to pay to the government to register online for CEPC?

For exports of less than Rs. 50 lakhs, the annual membership fee for new members would be Rs. 4720 (including 18% GST for the entrance fee and membership subscription). Please note that the annual membership fee would be as follows if the exports were more than Rs 50 Lakhs:



  The amount of the annual membership fee in INR


export performance up to 50 million rupees in 2021-22

2,000.00 + 360.00 (GST at 18%) Rs. 2,360.00


Export performance above Rs 50 lakhs and up to Rs 1 crore in 2021-22

Rs 3,00,000 plus Rs 540,000 (18% GST) Rs. 3540.00


Export Performance above Rs 1 crore and up to Rs 10 crores in 2021-22

5,000.00 + 900.00 (GST at 18%) Rs. 5,900.00


Export Performance above Rs 10.00 Crores in 2021-22

10,000.00 + 1,800.00 (GST at 18%) Rs.11,800.00




Categories of Members Based on Registration with the Carpet Export Promotion Council (RCMC)

The Articles of Memorandum and Association of the Carpet Export Promotion Council say that registration is a "necessary" step. Whether the registration is given as a "merchant exporter" or a "manufacturer exporter" will depend on the documents presented.

The applicant must specify which type(s) of membership(s) he or she desires in the required documents that accompany the application. The following groups of people can apply for CEPC online registration:

 a) Being a member;

 b) Getting signed up as a "merchant exporter";

 c) Registration as an "Exporter Manufacturer"

The Benefits of Obtaining CEPC Online Registration

Talking with the government and government agencies

The Council encourages exporters and the central and state levels of government to talk to each other. It also takes part in the Central and State governments through its representatives on many committees and panels and in the Parliament Standing Council. Help the government make decisions about international trade and If you have CEPC Online Registration, you also get the benefit of getting different government groups to work together on problems that members are having.

Get help and training.

With help from the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) of the Ministry of Textiles, the Carpet Export Promotion Council is setting up training centers in every part of India where carpet belts are made. The goal is to improve the lives of weavers, artisans, and their families, as well as those of other small exporters who want to do better.

Helps the products compete better in the market.

As part of the Human Resource Development (HRD) program, CEPC is teaching artisans and weavers about detailed design. This will improve the quality of our carpets and make them more competitive on the world market.

Market linkage and market exposure

Gandhi Shilp Bazars are set up by the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) in almost all CEPC clusters so that artisans can reach new markets. On top of that, it gives artisans the chance to show off their work at fairs and festivals all over the world.

Look into new chances.

It gives export statistics and a market intelligence report for handmade carpets and other floor coverings. Following CEPC Online Registration, companies can search for and investigate new export markets for handmade carpets and other floor coverings.

supports the interests of Indian businesses on a global scale.

To protect their interests in these markets, Indian exporters of hand-knotted carpets and related goods fight against anti-dumping and safeguard duties and try to get rid of non-tariff barriers. The Council gives advice to the government on how to promote the interests of India's handmade carpets, rugs, and other floor coverings during international talks at the WTO, ATC, FTA, PTA, UNCTAD, etc.

Use surveys to get useful information.

CEPC does surveys to figure out the supply and demand situation early on so that a good plan for exporting can be made. The Council conducts market surveys, studies the market in India and around the world, and shares market information through different cluster studies, research papers, journals, and news magazines.

Get a Visa Recommendation

Foreign embassies in and around Delhi get Visa Recommendation Letters from the Council for business development and other actions on behalf of Council Members.

Dispute Resolution

When its members have a trade dispute with a foreign buyer, the Council backs them up by sending letters to the Indian missions in charge of that country.

​CEPC Online Registration Document Requirements

 1. A form to apply for membership.

 2. The cost of membership.

 3. Declarations.

 4. A photocopy of the partnership deed or memorandum and articles of association, in the case of limited companies, that has been signed and stamped by the partner.

 5. IEC Code Registration.

 6. Get a PAN card and sign up for GST.

​What kinds of helpful programs are available after CEPC online registration?

 1. Merchandise Exports from India (MEI)

 2. The Zero Duty Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme is a way to encourage exports of capital goods without charging any taxes. Interest Equalization Scheme is the name of the program.

 3. The Market Access Initiative (MAI) is a program.

 4. Duty Drawback Scheme

​How to Register Online with CEPC in Steps

 1. A free consultation with one of our experts to help you understand the application process and the documents you need, as well as help with preparing the documents.

 2. Send your documents and payment to our website. After reviewing your documents, our staff of experts in CEPC Online Registration will apply for the registration process on your behalf.

 3. Get regular updates on the status of your application and when your CEPC RCMC Certificate will arrive in the mail after it has been verified by the CEPC.

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How often do I need to renew my CEPC membership ?
Your CEPC online registration must be renewed every year. You can do this by filling out an online application for renewal, paying the required fees, and sending in the necessary documents.
Does the council help its exporters with money ?
The council does help exporters financially by suggesting that its members get business loans with the best terms and rates. This helps the exporters grow and get better on the world market.
How does a member of the CPEC get paid ?
Any nationalized bank in India will accept bank drafts or local checks made out to "Carpet Export Promotion Council, New Delhi" to pay the annual membership fee. But you can also pay us through UPI, NEFT, or RTGS, and we will apply for your CEPC online registration so that you don't have to deal with any trouble.
Is the RCMC (Registration-Community-Membership-Certificate) required ?
If exporters want to reap the benefits of the Council, they must join the RCMC. One of the documents you need to get a Letter of Undertaking to run an export business is an RCMC.
Can CEPC registration be done online ?

As long as your phone or computer is connected to the internet, you can talk to our experts and apply for CEPC registration online. Our team of experts for CEPC Registration does everything online, so you can easily get your CEPC Online Registration done by connecting with them online.