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BIS CRS Certification

Electronics items must get BIS via the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS BIS) before they may be sold, according to the Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order, 2012. Certpedia can help you obtain BIS certification in accordance with the CRS system without any difficulty

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​What is CRS(BIS) Certification?


In the year 2012, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) initiated the plan that all solar products, along with electronics and information technology (IT) goods, must get BIS under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) before they can be put on sale. They will be examined and approved by BIS to ensure their safety and quality.


What is the objective of the CRS(BIS)?


The main objective of CRS(BIS) is to test samples of products during the initial and surveilling phases. It ensures that all the norms are followed during the production process. On the one hand, to promote uniformity and quality control to encourage the expansion and development of industry, and on the other, to fulfill the requirements of individual customers.


What is the purpose of CRS(BIS) Certification?


The following are some of the reasons why the government of India is pushing for more businesses to obtain CRS(BIS) Certification:

  • To protect the general public's health. 

  • To give quality assurance.

  • To safeguard the consumer against possibly harmful or dangerous items. 

  • To boost confidence among customers.

​The process of BIS registration is divided into 7 Steps


Step 1 : - Register on BIS Portal and obtain Login Credentials.

Step 2 : - Generate Test Request Form & Select a Test Lab.

Step 3. : - Submit Sample(s) to the Lab.

Step 4 : - Receive Notification of Lab after Testing along with Test Report Number.

Step 5 : - Final test report uploaded by lab on BIS portal.

Step 6 : -Online Submission of Documents and other Details and Payment of Fee.

Step 7 : -Finally, authorization of the registration number and letter is issued for the products.



The total time required for CRS(BIS) Registration will be approximately thirty to thirty-five working days. This includes the testing time, which will take fifteen to twenty working days, and the CRS(BIS) application processing time (10–15 working days).

This time maybe reduced if the applicant quickly submitted all of the information and documentation that was requested of them.


 Validity and renewal of CRS registration

CRS(BIS) Registration is valid for 2 years, after which it can be renewed. To renew, you will only need a few documents and a nominal fee. There is no need to test a sample for it.


Guidelines for importer and trader.

The BIS Registration Certificate is issued to Manufacturing Units only and no Importer or Trader can get it in their own name.

All Importers and Traders need to get BIS Registration for their respective Manufacturing Unit before placing their order for scheduled electronic items. They can initiate & coordinate the process of BIS Registration on behalf of their respective manufacturing unit.

Importer/Trader can request the manufacturing units to get the BIS Registration in their (Importer’s/Trader’s) brand name.

Importer/Trader can become the Indian Representative for Foreign Manufacturing Unit as it is mandatory to have an Indian Representative to get BIS Registration.


Benefits of CRS(BIS) certification

 Legal Benefit- It provides the ability to manufacture items without interruption and to bring imports into the country without being questioned.

 Competitive Advantage- The certificate provides a competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry, as the certification attests to its validity, authenticity, purity, and safety.

 Assure Quality Standards: For every manufacturer, BIS has taken a "comprehensive" approach to make sure quality standards are met.

 Good Customer Base- Obtaining a BIS certificate is a great way for startups and established businesses to expand their customer base, as it gives consumers confidence in your goods.

 Recognition- Promote worldwide recognition, enabling accessibility to underdeveloped and international markets.

 Quality Management- Creates a foundation for Total Quality Management (TQM).

The product marking label must mention the following information:-

  1. Name of Product ( Category )

  2. Model Number

  3. Brand Number

  4. Power Rating (Input/Output)

  5. Name of Manufacturer (if required)

  6. Origin of the product (like Made in India, Made in China, etc.) 

 Importance of CRS(BIS) certification

To provide safety, uniformity, and top-notch labeling within a fully responsible and legible system for your manufactured products, you will need a CRS(BIS) License.


Authorized Indian Representative (AIR)

The Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) must be a resident of India. He must proclaim his willingness to be held accountable for the terms of the BIS Act, Rules, Regulations, and Terms & Conditions outlined in the BIS License, Agreement, Undertaking, and so on.


​Criteria for CRS BIS eligibility in India

According to the BIS obligatory Registration scheme, the following requirements apply to BIS CRS:

  1. Manufacturers of the above-mentioned items must apply for a BIS CRS Registration Certificate.

  2. Various BIS CRS numbers must be applied for by manufacturers for items made in different regions.

  3. BIS occurs on a per-brand basis under the Compulsory Registration process. That is why, even when manufactured in the same plant, numerous brands need distinct registrations.

​CRS BIS documents required in India

 The following papers must be provided to the application in order to receive CRS according to BIS:


1. Certificate of establishment for your company.

2. The MOA and AOA

3. Product Specification Report

4. Identification

5. IEC code (if you intend to import the product).


​Our assistance in obtaining the CRS BIS in India

Because there are various aspects to registration under the compulsory registration programme, it is best to bring a professional's knowledge when making the application for BIS. Certpedia is a group of business advisors willing to assist you on this topic. We shall do so :

1. Submit the CRS-BIS registration application.

2. Assist you in carrying out the follow-up in the event that you encounter flaws.

3. Assist you in removing the application's flaws and submitting the application.

Contact our professionals for complete CRS BIS registration service.


What exactly is BIS CRS registration ?
The Ministry of Equipment and Information Technology (MeitY) informed the public through the Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order 2012 that some electronics will be subject to BIS under the Compulsory Registration programme. Products cannot be kept, marketed, imported, or distributed without BIS CRS certification. This is why, in order to work with electronics, you must receive the BIS under CRS.
Where can I obtain a list of BIS CRS products ?

For BIS-approved products, we have enlisted you in the certified products list:

  • Recessed LED Luminaries

  • LED Luminaires for Road and Street lighting LED Flood Lights

  • LED Handlamps

  • LED Lighting Chains

  • LED Luminaires for Emergency Lighting

  • Dimmers for LED products

  • Self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting services

  • DC or AC-supplied electronic control GEAR for LED modules

  • Fixed general-purpose LED luminaires

For more, refer to the eligibility section of the web page.

Where can I go for a BIS CRS login ?
To view the BIS certificate list, go to the Bureau of Indian Standards' official website.
Describe the BIS registration process for LED televisions ?
The method for BIS registration under LED TVs may be found in the process part of this website. In that part, we have covered every component of the BIS CRS certification method. You can contact the BIS specialists at Certpedia if you have any questions.
What is an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) ?
The Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) must be a resident of India. He must proclaim his willingness to be held accountable for the terms of the BIS Act, Rules, Regulations, and Terms & Conditions outlined in the BIS License, Agreement, Undertaking, and so on.