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Obtain a DPL Or NDPL License

DPL licensing lets you import, sell, or distribute wireless products. A NDPL license lets you use those specific products. Contact Certpedia for NDPL and DPL license services

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​What is the Indian DPL-NDPL License?


The DPL License, also called the Dealer Possession License, is given to people who sell or own Wireless products. These groups are involved in selling and distributing wireless equipment. According to the telecom rules, DPL License holders can't sell their products to companies or other groups that don't have permission from the WPC to use those products.

The NDPL License, which stands for "Non-Dealer Possession License," is given to businesses that do not sell or own wireless products. They are just people or businesses that own wireless products. For example, a local cable operator.

Both licenses are given out by the Wireless Planning & Coordination, which is a regulatory body that we can help you get in touch with. 

​The Criteria for Getting a DPL or NDPL License in India

If your business is registered, you can apply for the DPL License and the NDPL License.

​Documents Needed in India for DPL/NDPL License

These are the documents needed for a DPL license or NDPL license:

  • A certificate of incorporation

  • Equipment you want to bring into the country, own, sell, or use

  • Equipment's technical specifications

  • duly filled out application form

​The process for obtaining a DPL/NDPL license in India

The following is the procedure for obtaining a DPL/NDPL license.

1.Create documentation

2.Complete the application form

3.Submit the application

4.Wait for the WPC analysis.

5.Obtain the DPL or NDPL license.

​ Our help in filing the DPL and NDPL licenses in India

Our experts know the terrain you must walk on to get your DPL or NDPL license. As India's top telecom experts, we know all the big and small details you need to think about when applying for a DPL License or NDPL License. That's why the process is simpler for you.

  a. To be fully responsible for putting in your application.

  b. Our in-house chartered accountants will give you the net worth certificate.

  c. Once the application is submitted, we follow up to speed up the DPL or NDPL licensing process.

  d. Once you get the letter of intent, we make sure that all of your information is filled out safely.

When it comes to meeting DPL or NDPL License and other regulatory criteria, no one does it better than us. Get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can start working on your license right away and move you to the front of the line.


In India, what exactly is a "Dealer Possession License" ?

Distributors and owners of Wireless equipment are required to obtain a DPL License, also known as a Dealer Possession License. These businesses distribute and sell cellular devices. According to the rules governing the telecom industry, holders of a DPL License are not permitted to sell their products to businesses or organizations that lack a valid license from the WPC to utilize such products.

What does it mean to hold an Indian Non-Dealer Possession License ?

A Non-Dealer Possession License, or NDPL License, is granted to businesses that are neither wireless device distributors nor owners. Those organizations aren't wireless providers; they only own wireless equipment. A local cable company is one such example.

Which government agency in India is responsible for issuing DPL and NDPL permits ?

The DPL and NDPL are issued by the Department of Telecommunications' Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) division.

What qualifies someone to seek for a DPL or NDPL license in India ?

You can apply for both the DPL and NDPL if you are a legally recognized business.

What documents must be submitted in India for the registration of a Dealer Possession and Non-Dealer Possession license ?

These are the documents needed for a DPL license or NDPL license:

  • A certificate of incorporation

  • Equipment you want to bring into the country, own, sell, or use

  • Equipment's technical specifications duly filled out application form