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Gulf Mark (G-Mark) for Products Sold in GCC Member States

Under the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO), the G Mark is required for Low Voltage Electrical items and children's toys exported to the Gulf Coordinating Council (GCC) countries.

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​What is G-mark Certification?      

The G-Mark, also known as the Gulf Conformity Mark, is a certification of conformity that shows a product has undergone testing and certification to meet the quality and safety requirements established by the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). In the GCC's member nations, which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is necessary for a large variety of goods to be offered. When a product carries the Gulf Mark, it has undergone testing and has been verified to meet GCC requirements. All GCC member states "recognize" this mark, making it simpler for producers and distributors to market their goods across the region. The producer or distributor must reapply for re-certification once the G-Mark certification expires in order to keep it active.


​Importance of Gulf Mark (G Mark) Certification

The need for high-quality goods increases along with the growth and development of the GCC member states. The Gulf Mark certification program has been put in place by the GCC to guarantee that these products adhere to the relevant criteria.

A product must pass rigorous testing and inspections in order to receive Gulf Mark certification, which confirms that it complies with the required standards. This involves testing for topics like mechanical safety, environmental performance, and electrical safety.

​Product list that requires G-Mark Certification

The products that require G-mark certification are listed below:

     Electric kettles



     Hair dryers

     Electric shavers

     Electric fans

     Electric heaters

     Electric cookers and ovens

     Microwave ovens

     Refrigerators and freezers

     Air conditioners

     Washing machines and dryers

     Vacuum cleaners

     Power tools (such as drills, saws, etc.)

     Lighting fixtures (such as lamps, lightbulbs, etc.)

     Electrical components (such as sockets, switches, etc.)

     Electric motors


     industrial products

     Battery chargers

     Children's Toys

     Electric power generators

​Documents to obtain a G-Mark Certification
General documentation:

  • (1) Signed application form.

  • (2) Declaration that application is not lodged with any other GSO Notified Body

  • (3) Economic Operator (EO) Business license

  • (4) Trademark certificate

  • (5) Manual(s) in Arabic and English language

  • (6) Schematics

  • (7) Product photo with model number and product name

  • (8) Manufacturer name

  • (9) HS code 

  • (10) Bill of materials (BOM)

  • (11) Country of origin

Technical documentation:

  • (1) Safety Test Report

  • (2) Acceptance of Safety Test report: IECEE CB scheme; GSO Notified Bodies incl. subsidiaries

  • (3) EMC Test Report.

  • (4) Acceptance of EMC test report: IECEE CB scheme; GSO Notified Bodies incl. subsidiaries; Accredited lab.

  • (5) Risk assessment documented by manufacturer.

  • (6) Gulf-type examination certificate for plug (if not in test report)

​How can Certpedia help you in obtaining the G-Mark Certificate?

Certpedia aims to provide professional G-Mark certification services. We will cooperate with you to make sure that your items comply with all essential criteria because we recognize how important it is to do so. Our experts have years of expertise and experience in evaluating items and making sure they conform to the requirements necessary for certification.



What is the Gulf Conformity Mark (G Mark) ?
To export low voltage electrical (LVE) goods and children's toys to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, the G Mark is required. It shows that the product complies with all local laws and regulations and that the producer has a production quality system in place to ensure that the product is being made in accordance with its technical requirements.
Which products require G-Mark ?
The G Mark is required for Low Voltage Electrical items and children's toys exported to the Gulf Coordinating Council (GCC) countries.