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Join the Khadi Board of India and Get Khadi Board Registration

Khadi Industries and Artisans can easily grow and expand their businesses with Khadi Board Registration. Through Khadi Board RCMC Registration, you can get support from Khadi Board for long-term sustainability, continuous employment, making your products more marketable, and getting access to the latest tools and equipment. Get more information by calling 931-132-4939 and talking to our experts

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Khadi, which is made from hand-spun yarn, is a part of Indian culture. Indians think of Khadi as more than just a fabric. It shows feelings that will last forever. In rural India, natural fibers like silk, wool, and cotton are spun into threads. Khadi cloth is known as one of the coolest and most comfortable fabrics ever made. Khadi also sells cotton, silk, and wool, which are all made from natural fibers. It can be 100% natural because it is spun in a natural setting.

Big companies and new businesses all over the world are trying to find the best piece of clothing that is both natural and comfortable. The goal is to make 100% natural fabrics at a time when the environment is getting worse. There is research going on to make textiles that are good for the environment and can be grown even without chemical fertilizers. The fact that this is already happening in India is surprising.

India's main Khadi exports are silk and muslin, ready-to-wear clothing, handicrafts made from textiles, and charkha. Last year, the export of ready-made clothes was worth Rs 20.15 lakh, which was the most of any trade with other countries. Also, the number of people in India who want khadi grows everyday. 

So, opening a Khadi business is a good way to make money. Through Khadi Board Registration, the Indian government also offers a number of programs and benefits.

Khadi products also give farmers and young people a way to make a living. Because of this, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission is constantly working to assist the Khadi sector.

What does the Khadi and Village Industries Commission do?

The Government of India set up the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in April 1957. This was done by passing the Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act of 1956 in Parliament.

 The KVIC is in charge of making plans, promoting, organizing, and putting Khadi and other rural industries into action. It works with other groups working on rural development when it's needed.

 It is the highest level of the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises and deals with Khadi and village industries in India.

​The Khadi and Village Industries Commission's duties

 1. The KVIC is in charge of planning, promoting, organizing, and carrying out programs to help Khadi and other village industries grow in rural areas. It is also responsible for doing this when needed in collaboration with other organizations that work on rural development.

 2. It sets up training for the artisans who work in these areas and encourages them to work together. It also sets up a reserve of raw materials and tools to be sent to producers, sets up common service facilities for turning raw materials into semi-finished items, and sets up places where KVI products can be sold.

 3. The KVIC can make connections with well-known marketing groups whenever it is possible and needed to help sell and market khadi and/or goods made by village industries or handicrafts.

 4. Help businesses that are registered with the Khadi Board by encouraging research in the Khadi and Village Industries sectors and giving them places to study problems and find solutions, such as using non-conventional energy or electric power, so that they can be more productive and better able to compete.

 5. The KVIC is also supposed to help people and groups develop and run Khadi and village industries by giving them money and technical information like designs, prototypes, and other technical information.

The Advantages of Being on the Khadi Board

It's important for marketing, planning, and making business easier.

Khadi Board Registration is needed to help promote, plan, organize, support, and simplify the growth of khadi and village industries in rural areas. Khadi Board Registration also makes doing business easier for MSME units.

By registering with the Khadi Board, you can take part in pilot projects.

The KVIC will study the problems that Khadi industries face directly for businesses that have Khadi Board registration, in addition to conducting research and establishing pilot projects to help Khadi and village industries grow.

Use the Khadi Board Registration's different plans to your advantage.

Through KVIC, the government has set up a number of measures or ways to treat Khadi Board Registration holders in order to better meet their needs. Some of KVIC's projects are listed below.

 1. The Prime Minister's Program for Creating Jobs (PMEGP)

 2. Plan for Funding the Rebirth of Traditional Industries (SFURTI)

 3. Certificate of Interest Subsidy Eligibility (ISEC)

 4. Market Development Promotion Help

 5. Khadi Reform and Development Programme (KRDP)

Participate in Khadi Gram Udyog's trade fairs.

Khadi Gram Udyog, which is part of KVIC, is in charge of selling goods made by rural industries that fall under its control. It organizes trade fairs where you can show off your products and get orders.

​It's easy to export Khadi products and get export incentives.

If you sell Khadi overseas, you can get help from the customs department and the central excise authorities. You can also qualify for government subsidies and incentives for exports. You can also get benefits from the foreign trade policy and make it easier to sell your khadi products in other countries.


 1. Free Consultation with One of Our RCMC Registering Experts to Fully Understand the Benefits of Registration and the Documentation Needs for Khadi Board Registration

 2. Share the necessary documents via email or WhatsApp, or upload them to our mobile app.

 3. Choose a package and pay online with the method you prefer.

 4. Our experts will send an application for registration to the KVIC. We'll let you know how far along the application process is.

 5. Your Khadi Board RCMC Registration Certificate will be sent to you quickly online after the Khadi and Village Industries Commission of India verifies and approves it.

​Documents Needed to Register with the Khadi Board

 1. A copy of the certificate of registration under the Co-operative Societies Act, the Trust Act, the Firm and Companies Act, or any other law in effect.

 2. A self-signed copy of the institution's rules, if applicable.

 3. A list of the current management committee, trustees, partners, owners, and/or directors

 4. A written promise in the format shown in Annexure 2 on non-judicial stamp paper.

 5. Information about the place of work or property where the Khadi activity is planned to take place. If the Charkhas and looms are to be given to the artists at their homes, the details of those homes should be sent in.

​How can Certpedia team help you with Khadi Board registration?

Certpedia, one of the largest online compliance services platforms in India, was made to help people start and grow their businesses at low cost.

Since then, we have helped thousands of business owners around the world with a wide range of services. Our goal is to support the entrepreneur and act as a partner throughout the company's lifecycle, giving help at each stage to make sure the business stays legal and keeps growing.


What are some of Khadi Board Registration's good programs ?

You can take advantage of a number of good programs if you register with the Khadi Board.Here are a few of the most important ones:

 1. The Prime Minister's Program to Create Jobs (PMEGP)

 2. Funding Plan for Reviving Traditional Industries (SFURTI)

 3. Certificate of Eligibility for Interest Subsidy (ISEC)

 4. Help with marketing and business development.

5. Khadi Development and Reform Programme (KRDP)

Can you sign up for the Khadi Board online ?
Yes. You can sign up for the Khadi Board online. For Khadi Board Registration Online, you have to go through an application process.
How long is the Khadi Board Registration Certificate good for ?
The registration certificate from the Khadi Board is good for five years.
How do I re-register with the Khadi Board ?
To renew your Khadi Board registration, you have to fill out an application online. An application for Khadi Board registration renewal must be done six months before the registration expires.
Who can use the Khadi Board registration benefits ?
Khadi Board Registration is good for individual entrepreneurs, institutions, cooperative societies, self-help groups, and trusts.
Will this service be offered in my town ?
Yes, Certpedia is a website where people from all over the world can get services. We will give you Khadi Board RCMC registration as long as you have an internet connection on your computer or phone.